Voice Broadcasting Outsourcing


Everybody is well versed with voice broadcasting. It can be described as the process of delivering pre-recorded voice message to a human. It can also be called as machine voice. This service is widely been used by many organizations to contact customers efficiently and cost-effectively. We at Isplchennai contribute the best solutions that connect the customers very quickly, effectively and the clients with the correct people with the exact information that is being available within the concern.

Voice messaging service is the easiest aspect to use on the market platform. The service empowers you to administer a high effective voice broadcast to thousands of people at the same time over a planned period of time. This service is very effective and a great way to carry out your message beyond the staff hours which would be normally involved in this process.

We send the voice messages by means of our web services. The customer's requirements and responses will vary from person to person. In such cases there occurs a requirement to route the messages to different voice mail boxes based on some criteria. Some customers may require their call to get to transfer to the live agent or they may request their call to be routed to another platform based on their needs. This action involves the option of selecting the right key on their keypads. With our skilled professional we also build the required application in accordance with the needs such as generating call back in response to a customer request etc. We also aid you if there is a need to send the messages to customers all by yourself from your own software.

Whatever it may be we at Isplchennai provide you the right voice broad casting solution. We opt for a unique approach for you to get the best service that absolutely fits into your business. Our services reveal you with the following information:

  • Online reports of real time voice broadcasting.
  • Aid in designing menus, on-hold and transfer options.
  • Routing calls remotely with the help of touching key stones.
  • Ability to access the call reporting.
  • Automating outbound computer generated calls.
  • Recognition of caller ID helps to drop out features.
  • Automating routine inbound and outbound calling task.
  • If it is needed we provide you the recorded voice broadcast messages.
  • Delivery of mass voice broadcasting messages.
  • Perfect and best customer support.

Isplchennai is the right choice for voice messages broadcasting if your business needs a highly customer satisfaction as well as to integrate your business operations. Call us today to discuss more about our voice broadcasting services.